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The Observatory of EU-LA Relations is a consortium of leading academic and research institutions from both regions selected by the European Commission (DG RELEX and EuropeAid). OBREAL-EULARO is presided and coordinated by the University of Barcelona. OBREAL has a long experience in managing EU projects in general, and EU Educational project under the EMA3 programme in particular.

Sapienza -Università di Roma is Rome’s first university and among the oldest in Europe, founded in 1303. With its 11 faculties and 67 departments, it has established a reputation as an internationally recognized centre for teaching and research, now counting more than 145,000 students, 4,500 professors and  approx. 5,000 members of the administrative and technical staff. Sapienza is involved in an extensive range of international cooperation projects and actions and has developed sound operational and management experience. 

Tilburg University is a specialized research university concentrating on Economics, Business, Law, Social Sciences, Psychology, Theology and Humanities. In its education and research programs the university is committed to addressing important issues in society at national and international level.
It does so by training people for positions bearing high responsibility in society and by contributing to sustainable solutions. Tilburg University draws on a rich tradition which nourishes the role of philosophy of life in its academic education and research. 

University Montpellier 1 is a pluridisciplinary university with 7 faculties and two institutes:  ISEM (Business School) and IPAG ( In 2010/2011 23,512 full time students have enrolled in the University at bachelor, master and Ph.D levels. With its tradition of hosting a large number of international students the university is fostering the mobility of its students, professors and administrative staff. UM 1 participates in 198 international exchange schemes together with universities all over the world among them with 139 European Universities.

ANECA   was set up on 19 July 2002 by agreement of the Council of Ministers, in compliance with article 31 of the Spanish Universities Act. Its mission is to contribute to the improved quality of the higher education system by way of the evaluation, certification and accreditation of degree programmes, teaching staff and institutions.
The main purpose of ANECA is to monitor the performance of the public service of university education according to objective procedures and transparent processes, and to reinforce transparency and comparability as a means for the promotion and quality assurance of both public and private universities and their integration into the European Higher Education Area.

AUGM is an association of   28 public universities from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia that aims at contribute to the HE integration of the countries of South America by strengthening internationalization and research. It manages a regional mobility scheme for students and faculty members, facilitate dialogue among rectors, support young researchers and provide a platform to develop joint projects across members. 

Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), established in 1968, is a public university located in the State of São Paulo. It is one of the most renowned institutions of high education and research in Brazil and Latin America.  UFSCar is part of the AUGM, Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo, since 1993 and has been actively participating in the AUGM programs, such as: academic staff mobility program; undergraduate student mobility program; Meeting for Young Researchers. Also UFSCar has representatives in almost all the AUGM Disciplinary Centres and Academic Committees. 

The UNdeC is an Argentine institution, public of higher education, which strives for excellence in scientificand technological development, taking advantage of the characteristics of the region, semiarid zone and of high mountains, seeking to differentiate itself and to become, national and international natural reference for disciplines that characterize it, emphasizing the study of the water cycle, global change, sustainable development, biodiversity, the Andean and Pacific economies, technologies of public and private institutional management, earth and soil sciences , having as transverse lines research in microelectronics, telecommunications, computer science and technology of the environment.

Univerisdad de la República is the unique public university in Uruguay and the most important Higher Education in the country.  UdelaR has a long tradition in research and strong links with universities from the region and from Europe. One of the most active international universities in the region, UdelaR is involved in more than 30 international and regional cooperation and mobility projects.  

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