Final Seminar in Sao Carlos

Linking mobility, employability and local development: New priorities in South American-European higher education cooperation


On 12-13 November 2015 the Final Meeting of the ULISES Project took place at the Federal University of São Carlos, in Brazil.All consortium members from South America and Europe attended. The main objective of this gathering was to better understand the links between students’ mobility, employability and how they relate to local developments. Concrete cases from the universities from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil were presented showing the importance of strengthening the cooperation between the Higher Education Institutions and the private and the public sectors. The University of Montpellier and Tilburg University shared their experience in working with Latin America and the benefits the ULISES project brought them; ANECA on its side, emphasized the importance of Quality Assurance to ensure international and local recognition of the Higher Education system and for graduates and future students. This meeting also gave the opportunity to discuss future collaboration in the framework of the next Erasmus+ call. The agenda and the 2-day presentations can be found below.

ULISES_Final Conference Sao Carlo_ Agend[...]
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Power point presentations 12 November 2015

Presentation Zeineb Mazouz Barcelona University, Spain.
1. Presentation ULISES_Sao Carlos_Zeineb[...]
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Presentation Vanessa Duclos, ANECA, Spain
2. ANECA_Conferencia final ULISES 11-13n[...]
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Presentation Germán Antequera Universidad Nacional de Chilecito, Argentina
3. Presentación Ulises San Carlos_11-11-[...]
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Presentation Maria Inés Pizarro Cortés, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile
4. Presentación UCN-Chile - Ulises_Maria[...]
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Presentation Tiago Caminha Gaspar, TOKENLAB, Brazil
5. TOKENLAB Ulises_Tiago Caminha Gaspar.[...]
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Presentation Leonardo Gallo Macera Universidad, Desarrollo Local y Empleabilidad, Argentina
6. Universidad, Desarrollo Local y Emple[...]
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Presentation Alvaro Maglia, Asociación Universidades Grupo Montevideo, Uruguay
7. Final Seminar – Ulises Project_Alvaro[...]
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Presentation ALISIOS: Academic Links and Strategies for the Internationalisation of the HE Sector
8. ALISIOS_S.Carlos_NOV_2015t.pdf
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Presentation Helena Sayuri Katayama
9. Apresentação_HELENA SAYURI KATAYAMA.p[...]
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Presentation Esdras Paravizo, UFSCAR
10.Ulises ESDRAS-vf.pdf
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Presentation Elisabeth Collucci, European University Association
11. Programas conjuntos presentation_EC_[...]
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Presentation Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia
12. Unibague Ulises 12 Noviembre 2015.pd[...]
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Power point presentations 13 November 2015

Presentation Université de Montpellier, France
1. presentation UM.pdf
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Presentation Petra Bergsma, Tilburlg University, Netherlands
2. Reflections on ULISESTilburg Universi[...]
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Presetation Olivier Pfeiffer TU Berlin, Germany
3. TU Berlin_Managing_Large_scale_mobili[...]
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